From September till June we can supply amarylliscutfowers. A very wide range of more than 20 varieties of amaryllis of which we are very proud of! Both small-flowered and large-flowered ones, from the more traditional as to the trendy ones. All available in a lot of beautiful colours and shapes. Please have a look at our range of amaryllis and you will be surprised of the beauty and magic of amaryllis, every piece. 

Beside amaryllis we will have Antirrhinum available in May. In the lovely springcolours white and pink.  


 We can offer amaryllisbulbs in pot. Both 1 bulb as 3 bulbs in a pot. Easy to care and and within some time you will be happily surprised by the abundance of beautiful flowers!

For other plants, like Primula and Dianthus you have found the right place. As well as for Dahlia and Platycodon and several other plants. Would you like to know more about our range and availability of the plants you will be invited to discover the page "Plants".


Amaryllisbulbs will be available from September till March. We are selling the bulbs through salesorganisation Floralia.

For private sale we will have small lots amaryllisbulbs to offer. If you are interested, you will be welcome at our shop at Lange Kruisweg 58a in Maasdijk.